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Inter’s solid backline system makes Sommer’s new goalkeeper a success, predecessor Onana was just a backstabber

In this summer’s transfer market, Inter Milan to 52 million euros transfer fee + 5 million euros in bonuses, the main goalkeeper Onana sold to the Manchester United team, the team just spend 6 million euros from Bayern to introduce 34-year-old Swiss national goalkeeper Sommer, I believe that a lot of blue and black fans are in the goalkeeper position for the season is not secure, Inter for decades in the goalkeeper position has always been standing a goalkeeper’s fine tradition. Can continue and worry.

  However, through the season so far, I believe that Sommer’s performance, has let the blue and black fans completely forget the former goalkeeper god Onana. As Inter’s main goalkeeper this season, Sommer’s performance has been remarkable. Especially in the midweek Champions League group match against Real Sociedad, Sommer was a marvelous goal-line save on a header shot from Real Sociedad captain Oyarzaval that was close to the goal line. According to post-game calculations, Sommer’s reaction time for this save was only 0.3 seconds, which is incredible. The Blue and Blacks were lucky to get a point on the road because of Sommer’s performance.

  In his four Serie A matches this season, Sommer has made seven brilliant saves, and it was not until the Milan derby in the last round that the Inter goalkeeper conceded his first league goal. So far, the Blue and Blacks continue to concede the least number of goals in Serie A. The Swiss international goalkeeper has now inherited the mantle of Inter’s goalkeeper in the Bianconeri.

  Compared to Sommer’s excellent performance, Onana, who has moved to his former mentor, Temhag, this season, is having a bit of a time of it at United. Especially in the midweek Champions League match with Bayern, Onana’s Red Devils goal was pierced by the Bundesliga champions four times, becoming the number one culprit in United’s loss. The Cameroonian, who faced enormous pressure from the media and fans after the match, took the initiative to come out and apologize, admitting that his own poor performance had caused his team to lose the game.

  So far this season, Onana on behalf of Manchester United played five Premier League matches, a total of 20 saves, lost 10 goals, stopping the number of goals conceded is negative 1.3, if you count the four goals conceded in the match with Bayern, Onana on behalf of the Red Devils played six matches, lost 14 goals, the average number of goals conceded is as high as 2.33 goals, such data, really does not deserve the Manchester United in his body to smash down the £ 50 million transfer fee. This kind of data is really not worthy of the 50 million pounds of transfer fee that Manchester United dropped on him. The reason why Onana became the team’s “leaky spoon” in Manchester United, while Sommer became the new goalkeeper in Inter, the two goalkeepers now have such a strong contrast, in fact, it is not between the two goalkeepers, there is a huge gap in strength. Rather, Inter’s solid defense system has created the post of goalkeeper.

  Once Shkriniar + Devereaux + Bastogne’s backline, not to mention in the Serie A, is to look at the whole of Europe, is also absolutely the top defense level. Although in this summer, Shkriniar became a rebel, in order to money to give up the identity of the captain of Inter, go to Paris gold, but his departure did not have much impact on the strength of Inter’s defense. Especially last season with the arrival of Acerbi, Inter’s backline strength, still make the opponent’s strikers feel deep despair. Plus Inter’s 352 formation, from the era of Conti to today’s small Inzaghi era, a lineage plus the team’s tactical system is quite stable, as well as the Italian bones of the defensive genes, with such a stable defense line, standing in front of the goalkeeper, as the goalkeeper of Inter, it is quite happy.

  Today’s Inter’s back line, Acerbi is still old and strong, Devereaux status warming up, Pawar when the years, Damien dedicated, Bisek has a bright future, plus Dumfries, DiMarco, Augusto, Cuadrado, these wingbacks, the same in the defensive end to help, the threat of opponents faced by Sommer, naturally, is far lower than the present day, O’Nana in the plight of the Manchester United solo fight. It is with the stable backline of Inter that the success of Onana and Sommer was created. And now, Onana at United is just a backstabber for the team’s poor record and unstable defense!