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Vargas is mute! Offensive Efficiency 17%, Flying Saves Holding His Head in Pain, Turkey Drops Another Game

The fourth round of Group B of the Paris Olympic Women’s Volleyball Qualification Tournament ended with a match between Turkey and Argentina. Although Turkey learned the lesson from the previous round and Peru, sent all the main players to play, but still because of the light enemy and lost another set, the score of the four sets was 25-16/22-25/25-15/25-15.

  When the Turkish women’s volleyball team took the first set smoothly after the sudden change of the wind, the two core Vargas and Baladin fell into the strange circle of not playing the ball, the second set of Vargas 7 buckets 3 in 2 errors were blocked, Baladin 7 buckets 1 in 2 errors were blocked, so Argentina took advantage of the opportunity to take the next set. In the third and fourth sets, Turkey was able to get up the spirit and take the match with 2 25-15 points.

  Up to now, the Turkish women’s volleyball team has won 19 consecutive victories in the season, 4 wins in 4 matches in the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, while Argentina has 1 win and 3 losses. Technical statistics, Turkey’s hair buckle blocking advantage is obvious, buckle 56-36, serve 8-1, blocking 15-7, just their own errors are too much, sent the opponent 27 points. Argentina’s women’s volleyball team, on the other hand, adhered to the delicate style of play of South America, giving away only 18 points.

  Vargas was not efficient on the offensive end of the game, but she flashed frequently on the defensive end, even colliding with the camera to save the ball. This scene occurred in the fourth set, when the Argentine team buckle ball, Turkey back row ball but the effect is not good, Vargas see the situation directly to the field to save the ball, accidentally hit the field side of the camera, fell to the ground, Vargas because of the pain directly hold the head.

  The Argentinean and Turkish players immediately came forward to inquire about the situation. In addition to this ball, Vargas’s desperation is also reflected in order to save the ball, the whole person to the other side of the field. This ball also triggered a discussion about the rules of volleyball. According to the rules, there is no problem with Vargas’ save, even if his body is over the net, as long as his feet do not cross the center line, it is a good shot.

  Individual stats show that Vargas was blocked for 7 errors in 13 of 35 kills, a 17.14% efficiency in kills. In the past, Vargas’s efficiency was always 50% or 60%, but now it’s only 17%, which is not only low but also the lowest on the team, so it looks like he’s really tired of playing! Caracourt was 12 of 21 with 2 losses, 3 blocks and 2 serves for 17 points, while Aida had 15, Balladin 12 and Zehra 11.

  Argentina didn’t play well except in the second set, with 12 points from Herrera, 9 from Mercado, and 6 each from Candela and Farrior.