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Belotti dedicates himself to Roma and rises from defeat with another UEFA Cup campaign!

Belotti experienced disappointment last season, but he regained his confidence and strength through hard work and sincerity. He became the core player of Roma this season, contributing two goals and two assists. Now, he will play a key role in the UEFA Cup to help Roma compete for the final. He hopes to make up for last season’s mistakes with a win and reward the Roma fans for their support.

  What do you do when you fall down? The answer is to get up, smile at the past and do what you want to do all over again. This is true for both Belotti and Roma. 13 months ago, on a hot summer’s day, Belotti stood on the beach of Mondello in Palermo, Italy, looking out to sea and gazing in the direction of Rome. What he was waiting for was a phone call from Rome.

  Last summer, Belotti rejected interest from Turkey and Fiorentina, waiting for a chance to meet Mourinho. Then, in the final stages, Belotti joined Roma as he had hoped. But in the absence of goals, the winter seemed unusually cold. Although Mourinho and Roma fans have been supporting Belotti, he was disappointed that he could not contribute to the team. Belotti had no words, but he never stopped smiling and fighting, he didn’t lose faith.

  In Trigoria, Belotti sweats it out in training. The arrival of the new season marked the beginning of Belotti’s harvest. He scored two goals in the first round of matches and then came on as a substitute against Empoli, dishing out two assists and receiving a sincere hug from Romelu Lukaku. Only sincere people are treated sincerely by others, and Belotti is one such sincere person.

  Many saw Dybala cry after last season’s UEFA Cup final, yet few know that Belotti was among those who shed tears that night in Budapest. Last season, Roma missed their chance to reach paradise, and now that road is back in front of them. First, Roma need to beat Sharif in the UEFA Cup. Belotti will play an important role in the UEFA Cup. So far this season, Belotti has contributed two goals and two assists for Roma, making him the team’s best player.

  Such performances will help Roma to compete for the UEFA Cup title. This time, the final will be held in Dublin, and Belotti and Roma will hope to make up for last season’s regrets and reward the Roma fans for their support with a victory.