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Agent: Azmoun wants Roma to buy himself out, accepting Mourinho’s coaching has – always – been his dream

Iranian striker Azmoun’s agent Andrea Pellegatti has said that Azmoun’s goal is to convince Roma to buy himself out, and that it has always been Azmoun’s dream to accept Jose Mourinho’s coaching.

  Roma took Azmon on loan this summer and have a right of first refusal to buy him out. Andrea Pellegati said, “Roma have the right to buy out players and Azmoun’s goal was to perform well and stay at Roma. He immediately integrated into his new environment and got along well with his teammates, coaches and club staff. He has always dreamed of being coached by Jose Mourinho and this is an important milestone. After a difficult season, it’s now up to him to regroup and now everything is in his own hands.”

  Andrea Pellegati went on to say, “Roma often use a 352 formation and Azmoun is a versatile player who can either play in the No. 9 center forward position or coexist with Lukaku and play further back. Just as Azmoun can coexist with Dybala, he can also coexist with Belotti, Abraham and Xavi. The team’s tactics help him.”

  Andrea Pellegati emphasized, “As I said, it has always been a dream for Azmoun to be coached by Jose Mourinho. Roma is a great club and the player has always loved Italian soccer. But Mourinho’s presence made him prefer to join Roma, even though he was approached by some foreign clubs, especially in the Premier League. Considering that the player has a lot of experience of competing in the Champions League, he has a lot of opportunities in the summer transfer market.”