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Low profile version of Curry! The Lakers have strengthened and welcomed good news. Pelinka is about to become a god.

In 882 career games so far, Curry has made 50.7 percent of his three-point attempts at a rate of 42.8 percent and 3.8 field goals per game.

  The data shows that Curry’s three-point shooting on the offensive end is dominated by three-point shooting and top efficiency. It is important to note that Curry has the ability to shoot the three-point shot, which most shooters do not have.

  Take the 22-23 season for example.

  On average, 20.9 percent of his 11.5 three-point attempts were made from within four feet of a defender, a 47 percent clip. That means one in five three-point attempts were made on strong shots and hit nearly 50 percent of them.

  Of course, that’s why opponents know Curry is going to shoot threes, but just can’t defend them. Strong shooting ability is too strong.

  For Curry, that team in the league wants it. Of course, the Lakers’ sense of urgency is even stronger. Very important point: James Curry.

  James’s breakthrough, distribution, Curry’s catch and shoot, it can be said that the two are complementary. Only, in line with the principle of “the king does not see the king”, the two can not be the same team.

  In addition, Curry is perfect to fill the Lakers’ shortcomings.

  22-23 season, the Lakers three-point rate of 34.6%. As a comparison, the Pistons 35.1%. That means it’s not as good as a swing team.

  However, in the successive recruitment to Prince, Wood and other tough players after the Lakers reinforcement again welcome good news.

  There is news exposure, because of the contract renewal disagreement, Hilde is ready to like the Pacers to put forward a trade application. For Hilde, I think it is a lower version of Curry.

  Reason one: data. Career so far, 548 games, Hilde three-point shots accounted for 57.7% of the lower three-point rate of 40.2%, an average of 3.1 ball.

  Data point of view, must belong to the top of the league, but according to Curry still have a certain gap.

  Reason 2: three-point characteristics. 22-23 season Hilde averaged 8.5 three-point attempts, which accounted for 10.1% of the shots are within 4 feet of the defender when shooting, hitting rate of 30.7%.

  Statistically speaking, does not have the ability to shoot strong threes like Curry.

  Combine the two, and the underachiever is more about efficiency and not having a strong three-point shot. However, even so Hield is also available as a sharpshooter.

  For the Lakers, the attraction for Hield is opportunity + exposure.

  Opportunity is good, after all, the top scorer in that team will be reused. The deeper meaning of this point of exposure is to increase the influence.

  When the influence reaches a certain level, this big contract is also water to the canal. Such as the previous Monk, this summer’s Schroeder.

  That is to say, in the Hilde attractive Lakers Lakers or very expected to get the former.

  If so, then I think Pelinka can be sealed God.

  On the one hand, this summer on the Lakers for all-round reinforcement; on the other hand, almost every new player is very cost-effective.

  That is to say, do their jobs at the same time will maximize the benefits.