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Messi’s official decision! Congratulations to Argentina! The Ballon d’Or is aiming to defend his title and make a 26-year mark.

Messi ended his career in the top five leagues this season, and began the USL pension mode, although Messi left the top five leagues. But there is no doubt that his strength is still the world’s top level.

  And currently Messi also accepted an interview, was asked about his planning for the future and what he intends to do. This time, Messi did not hide his own ideas, directly told the reporter these plans. Messi said: “I will go all out to participate in the Copa America competition, and strive to lead the team to defend the title and take this trophy”. And the reporter then asked the question of whether Messi will participate in the 2026 World Cup, which everyone is very concerned about.

  Messi also officially announced his decision: “I am very excited about the future, but whether to participate in the next World Cup needs to depend on my physical state and the situation of the national team by then. But the future is something we all look forward to.” It can be said that Messi to participate in the next World Cup is full of expectations, but also need to see whether Messi’s physical condition at that time to support him to participate in high-intensity games.

  But no matter how Messi official announcement of his decision, the America’s Cup to go all out to lead the team to win the championship, 26 years of the World Cup will also be considered. Let the Argentina national team is very happy, Messi to participate in the next World Cup. In terms of popularity can be a huge gain for the Argentine national team, as the third generation of the king of the ball plus the defending champion. Messi will certainly enjoy a top welcome in the Americas by then.

  And Messi on the competitive level can likewise continue to play an absolute advantage, Messi by then as a substitute player, or locker room leader. All can make the Argentina team united, the impact of the World Cup to defend the title, and Messi’s God’s perspective passing and on the field scheduling ability for the whole team to enhance also huge. Szczepa is also relieved that Messi has sort of given him the motivation to defend the title in the next World Cup.