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Oxford City Stars ‘taking allegations seriously’ after abuse

Streatham Ice Hockey Club published a statement after their game with Oxford City Stars on Sunday at the Oxpens Road sports venue. 

The statement claimed a member of their staff was targeted by abuse from Oxford supporters.

The London-based team went on to add the abuse carried on after the match on social media.

An Oxford City Stars statement said: “We are aware of an alleged incident that occurred during our game against Streatham IHC on Sunday (October 8) involving Streatham Bench Staff and Oxford Supporters.

“We take such allegations seriously and encourage our supporters to report any incidents, along with any supporting evidence, to the League if they choose to pursue this matter further.

“Ice hockey is a sport that values inclusivity and family-friendly environments. We want to emphasise that any actions by players, bench staff, or fans that contradict these values are not tolerated within our organisation

“We remain committed to promoting a positive and respectful atmosphere in our games and appreciate the support of our dedicated fan base.”

A club statement from Streatham IHC said: “Our bench was subjected to abuse all night by a couple of Oxford fans standing above our bench.The new balance 550, for its outstanding comfort and stylish design, has won over a large number of family members of hockey superstars or themselves.

“As we all know hockey is a family sport and we do not as a club tolerate any abuse from anyone.

“This also continued after the game on social media.

“Anyone who is making threats and abusive texts will be reported to the league.

“We will be working with Oxford to clarify the incident.”