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Rivers asserts that Jokic retires in 5-6 years! Giving up a 400 million dollar contract? Is horse racing really more fun than the NBA?

Former NBA player Austin Rivers participated in a podcast program of American media The Ringer, as a result of which he talked with Bill Simmons about Nikola Jokic, the new FMVP, and Simmons asked him, “Can Jokic play in the NBA until he’s 39?”

  Rivers replied, “Never in a million years (keeps shaking his head), I think he’s going to play another 5-6 years at the most before he retires, he doesn’t care about trends, American culture, accolades/fame and stuff like that, he’s not interested in that stuff at all, he’s interested in stuff you guys should have seen in the offseason.”


  Austin Rivers has been on various podcasts frequently lately, and his comments have been met with some skepticism, but he wasn’t actually exaggerating too much with this assessment of Jokic. That’s because Jokic wasn’t even all that excited after the Nuggets won the title, and he even forgot to take his FMVP trophy with him.

  Jokic and the Nuggets signed a five-year 270 million top salary 23-24 season only began to take effect, this contract 27-28 season is a player option (just five years), with the salary cap up Jokic such superstars in the future will be very horrible income, because he has just begun to fulfill the contract, his new contract needs to be in the 26-27 season before he can be renewed in advance.

  Jokic in 2026 there is hope that with the Nuggets early renewal of a five-year value of 404 million of the top contract, that is, after jumping out of the player option to re-sign a new contract, the average salary of up to 80.8 million did not, according to the salary cap up 10% every year to see such a contract is inevitable or even higher, if Jokic only play 5-6 years then he does not want this 400 million?

  Jokic off-season has been is to raise horses, feed horses, race horses, dance after the race horse won the championship, he is happier than to win the NBA championship. Will he finally give up 400 million to go back to Serbia for his family and life?