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Bayern to make history in German League opener

Bayern are set to make history as they open their German Basketball League season on a revolutionary LED Glassfloor at BMW Park since no official league game has been played on this surface before.

FC Bayern Munich are gearing up for a start to their German Basketball League season. Their opening game against Syntainics MBC is set to take place at BMW Park, while the match will be played on a cutting-edge LED Glassfloor.

Never before an official league game was played on this surface.

The ASB video sports floor is a game-changer, as it replicates the original playing surface with LED marking lines concealed beneath the floor. This innovation takes indoor sports events to a new level, allowing for the integration of visual digital animations, graphics, image spots, and entertainment.

The use of this glass floor has been theoretically possible for some time in accordance with league regulations. What sets it apart is the “LumiFlex” floor’s joint-friendly nature, significantly reducing the risk of injury compared to traditional surfaces.

FIBA gave its stamp of approval for the LED Glassfloor use starting from October 1, 2022, following a rule change the previous year.

The floor made its debut in FIBA competition during the FIBA U19 Women’s Basketball World Cup in July 2023.

Credit FIBA
“We are thrilled about the commitment of our partner BMW, who is making this spectacular event possible,” Bayern’s GM Marko Pesic said. “I’ve been aware of this technological innovation for some time, and I can only say to our fans: come and see this. Come to the arena because it will be a unique experience!”