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Big Potato, Juventus responds to sudden controversy! Slap Cristiano Ronaldo in the face without mercy, fans: There is a good show to watch

The recent news that Cristiano Ronaldo has begun asking for wages from Juventus has also surprised fans. This time Cristiano Ronaldo directly broke up with his old club Juventus and wanted to use legal means to require Juventus to repay the 19.9 million euros in wages it owed.

Ronaldo said: “Due to the suspension of Serie A that year, Juventus reached an agreement with the players to defer the payment of salaries. The players reached individual and group agreements, but there was still a small amount of salary, and no subsequent compensation was given to Ronaldo. This part His salary reached 19.9 million euros.” That’s why the farce of Cristiano Ronaldo’s demand for unpaid wages from his former club Juventus has recently emerged.

But Juventus also officially responded to this issue, and Juventus’ attitude this time is very tough. Juventus submitted Ronaldo’s salary request case to the arbitration committee, allowing the other party to deal with the issue directly with Ronaldo. Juventus said: “At that time, before Ronaldo transferred to Manchester United, he signed an agreement with the team and promised not to have any financial disputes with Juventus, and then he finally left the team.” Juventus believes that all its promises have been fulfilled and Ronaldo has solved the problem on his own.

Juventus was merciless in slapping Ronaldo in the face this time, and it was also very unfavorable to Ronaldo from a legal perspective. The documents submitted by Juventus showed that Ronaldo was leaving at the time. It is completely possible not to sign to prove that there are no financial problems, and he did not ask for salary at that time. According to outside speculation, there was a high probability that Ronaldo asked Juventus to sell him to Manchester United for a lower transfer fee in order to be able to leave.

So he chose to give up this part of his salary and let Juventus release him at a low price. But now Ronaldo seems to regret giving up his salary of 1,990 euros at any time. That’s why he started to demand wages from his former club. Fans also said: “We have seen a good show. Who will lose face between Ronaldo and Juventus?”