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Finally got you! Congrats to the Lakers for signing the 18+4 immediate starter that James was looking for!

In the 22-23 playoffs, Vanderbilt totaled 18:04 against Curry in the Lakers’ series against the Warriors.

  In those nearly 20 minutes, Curry was guarded by Vanderbilt on only 2-of-7 shooting. Poor core play was one of the main reasons the Lakers were able to eliminate the Warriors.

  However, against the defense of Dream Green (combined 25 minutes and 17 seconds) under being shot 50% by him. Keep in mind that Green only shot 48.9 percent for the entire series.

  In other words, Vanderbilt’s defense of Dream Green was almost ineffective.

  At this point can be a good illustration of Vanderbilt in the defensive end of the shortcomings: thin body can not prevent power players.

  Hachimura is power enough, the Western Conference Finals had the top defense Jokic – a total of 69 minutes and 14 seconds against, limiting its 26 shots 11, hitting rate of 42.3%.

  But Hachimura’s problem is slow crossover.

  If you put it into numbers, he moves at an average speed of 3.65, compared to the admittedly slow 3.77 of “Sledgehammer” Anderson.

  For Lakers fans, the expectation is that the defensive characteristics of Vanderbilt, Hachimura Kashimoto soft together, then it is the peak of James – defense combined with strength, speed.

  Obviously, against Tatum, Aaron Gordon such as both power, speed type of front line by James to lead the defense.

  The fact is also so.

  For example, in the Western Conference series against the Nuggets, James was the primary defender of Aaron Gordon – a combined matchup of 64 minutes and 04 seconds, with the opponent shooting 5-of-10 from the field.

  For James, the urgent need or more accurately said to look forward to a combination of strength, speed of the front line to share the pressure of its defensive end.

  At this point, it must be mentioned: 22-23 season in the Knicks put Reddish on the trade shelves, the Lakers are eager to get. Only to end up trading chips for Kashi Hachimura.

  One thing to note about Reddish:

  22-23 season and Dream Green against the limit its shooting percentage of only 33.3%, limit Tatum for 40%. That said, was able to stave off a front line that combines strength and speed.

  Meanwhile, it’s also showing some improvement trends on the offensive end. Especially from the outside.

  For example, against the Wizards in the game in the outside of the 7 in 4 got 18 points. 18 + 4 data shows that when the field feel good when Reddish is a good ready to play.

  In fact, before the All-Star break Reddish was shooting 32.6% from three and 35.7% from behind the All-Star line. The trend of improvement is still evident.

  Offensive end of the three in a progressive trend, the defensive end of the performance is not bad, no wonder the Lakers are very eager to get.

  Now with Pelinka signing Reddish in the offseason, the Lakers are getting what they wanted. More importantly, I think this is what James was looking for.

  Reason: defense.

  As I said earlier, Reddish is able to defend the type of players that Vanderbilt and Hachimura can’t defend. Intangibly, this is to reduce the pressure on James on the defensive end.