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“Splash Brothers” became the last song! Barkley: He’s a champion!

In the recent NBA, it’s safe to say that the contract extensions of some of the star players before the start of the season have been in the news again. Especially after the NBA league announced that they got a new title contract and many of the new generation players are expected to make more than $50 million per year, some of the former star players also want to get a notable contract at the end of their career. One of these players, the Warriors’ Klay Thompson, is facing such a problem, and the conflict between him and the team has come to the forefront.

  In the regular season last season, Thompson played 69 games for the Warriors, averaging 33.0 minutes, 21.9 points, 4.1 rebounds, 2.4 assists, three shooting percentages 43.6%/41.2%/87.9%, true shooting percentage 57.6%.

  This is Thompson’s first full season since his major injury (only 32 games played in 2021-22), and his three-point ability has gone up rather than down from his past self, averaging 10.6 attempts and 4.4 kills per game last season, both career-highs (previous high of 3.6 kills) while scoring a new post-2017 personal high.

  Whether from the average data or personal performance, last season’s return from a major injury Thompson’s performance is still very impressive, and even still maintain a high level of all-star level. To know, in this league can and Thompson as perfect fit Curry is very difficult.

  Thompson signed a five-year, $190 million top-salary contract with the Warriors in the 2019 offseason, and the new season will be the last year of this contract. In the summer of next year, Thompson will become a completely free agent, so in the next season he will usher in his contract extension year.

  According to industry reporters, Thompson’s team as well as the agent to the Warriors to ask for a four-year $ 223 million top salary contract. Finally, after negotiations, Thompson’s team still believes that the team should be given a 4-year $190 million contract. And such a contract extension offer, directly by the Warriors management veto.

  If it is five years ago or eight years ago, I believe the Warriors will not hesitate to give such a top-salary renewal, but now Thompson is 33 years old, really want to sign such a big contract, 38-year-old Thompson can still get more than 60 million annual salary, obviously the Warriors are not going to make such a decision.

  And just after the news broke, Barkley directly in the interview program said: “I think Curry and Thompson in the Warriors were treated differently, Curry is indeed the Warriors dynasty builders, but Thompson is also one of the most important meritorious veterans. If there is no Thompson and Curry this pair of combination, I believe that alone Curry a person Warriors is very difficult to complete 4 years of three crowns, 10 years of four crowns of achievement.”

  I personally see, in fact, according to the development of the Warriors now, may not be able to give Thompson a sub-top salary contract, we must know that such as this to shooting good players, their career state of maintenance is relatively long, and often can be in the key moment to give the key hit. I don’t know what you guys think about this?