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IN DEPTH: Why Alvarez is Manchester City’s new centerpiece? Guardiola’s three-point transformation of him is extraordinarily important

Alvarez’s excellent play was truly a surprise that no one expected. In this season’s Gündoğan left and Mahrez was sold, De Bruyne was injured, many people for the melon Shuai’s team, whether it is still able to continue to win, raised a huge question mark. Especially after winning the Champions League last season, it is indeed a big challenge to maintain enough stability this season with so many changes in the lineup.

  However, Pep Guardiola responded to the doubts with his own green research and perfect adjustments to the team. This season, Manchester City not only kept all the wins, but also in the league and the Champions League, were able to come up with bright play, which is the best answer.

  In particular, Alvarez, a youngster, has made an impact that many supporters did not expect. His gradual adaptation in the front position has gradually erased the label of doubt, whether it is in the creation of opportunities for the strikers, or in their own grasp of the ball and show the shooting skills, he has embodied the qualities that should be possessed by a Champions League-winning front man.

  It’s “great” that he’s been able to adapt so quickly after appearing as a No.9 last season.

  Alvarez, as a Grand Slam winner, is more than just a lay-up. The ability of the manager to adjust his duties, his individual role, and his knowledge of him, as well as the ability of the little spider. The following points are very critical:

  1 – to solve the problem of slow speed, the marshal arranged assistant

  Of course, this is inevitably due to Guardiola’s coaching ability, and know people well. Technically and tactically, Alvarez’s speed is indeed on the slow side, and there is not much advantage in the confrontation. Therefore, Guardiola will avoid him and the opponent’s back, and the center back positive contact, make full use of his ability to roam, to get the opportunity. With the help of Bernardo and Phil Foden on both sides, he will build a parallel forward line, using the passing, switching and running between the three of them to get away from the opposing defense.

This is very critical, compared to the traditional 4-2-3-1 system, the front waist had to be fixed in the middle of the position of the vision, which is very good to avoid Alvarez encountered slow speed limitations.

  2-Non-classical front waist, can be freely converted

  At the same time, as we all know, for the giants, in the game want to get direct forward space is very difficult, especially in the new world of soccer competition, now many of the weak team also use the tactics of the bus to block the forward space, resulting in the front waist of the play more and more difficult. As a result, many giants no longer have a front-row position. The emergence of Alvarez is more like the two front way to set up, he is not only able to switch with parallel teammates (Bernardo, Foden), but also according to the actual needs of Harland to build up the relationship between front and back, left and right relationship.

Such an adjustment would make it very difficult for the opponents to know how to guard Alvarez’s, let alone who to arrange to do so. In this way, it would give him a lot of space.

  3 – He is still upgrading himself

  Thirdly, it is Alvarez’s individual technical ability that has been refined. For before, people only found out his superb shooting ability, but now it is found out that he also has a very good passing sense and spatial awareness, and the ability to create chances in the game, too. From this, there is the possibility of being molded into something more diverse and well-rounded. And not just a scorer’s. After all, the team already has a “big monster” in Harland, if only as a number nine replacement, then Alvarez can only be subordinate to him, which is a waste.

Of course, the help of Messi, De Bruyne and other big brothers is also very crucial. Beside them, Alvarez is bound to have learned a lot, which is the fundamental motivation for his progress.

  And Guardiola’s this adjustment, not only solved the lack of personnel, but also very good to help Alvarez get the opportunity, is really great. Guardiola deserves the name of master coach!

  Hope for Argentina

  In the 30,000+ people voting in the famous sports forum, 80% of the people chose “yes” to the question of “whether Alvarez is worth more than 100 million dollars”. This shows that everyone recognizes him, there is no doubt that in the post-Messi era, the rise of Alvarez and Lautaro’s fire will become Argentina’s new weapons, their growth will not only bring great help to the club, but also make the glory of the blue and white army will continue very well.