Texan CJ Stroud expand on advice he received from Tom Brady

Houston Texans rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud once again opened up on advice he received from Tom Brady following this years draft.

“Personally, it was like a cheat code to not only be an NFL quarterback but to be a professional person and a real man in this game of football,” Stroud said about what he learned from Brady on the latest edition of the “Lets Go!” SiriusXM show and podcast, as shared by

Nick OMalley of MassLive. “Right after, I went and I took notes from you. I had the guys who did the whole video for us and I re-watched the whole thing and wrote notes and really tried to make it my own and try to really adapt it into a routine for me.”

Stroud previously mentioned he left a springtime gathering that included Brady never wanting “to let my teammates down.” Since then, the 22-year-old has guided the Texans to a somewhat surprising 5-4 record. Stroud has also emerged as both the

overwhelming favorite to earn Offensive Rookie of the Year honors and as the undisputed leader of Houstons offense.

“Seeing Tom and him being so personable and so relatable. You would think – he’s a seven-time NFL champion, MVP, this G.O.A.T.-status quarterback – but he was really vulnerable in that moment,” Stroud added about spending time with Brady ahead of training camp. “He really made it easy first to understand what he was talking about.”

According to ESPN stats, Stroud ended Week 10 ranked second in the NFL with 2,626 passing yards and first with an average of 291.8 yards through the air per game. Hes 10th among qualified players with a 63.3 adjusted QBR on the campaign, and he tossed 15 touchdown passes with only two interceptions across his first nine contests.

Brady spoke with Stroud about managing all the hype that comes with finding success at the highest level so early into a career.

“I think the important thing I really want you to realize is: This is now your job,” Brady said, perEthan Fuller of the Boston Globe. “Everyone, when they come to the game, it’s a vacation; it’s fun for them. Oh my god, we’re here to watch C.J. play. For you — you don’t bust in on your friends at their job when they’re trying to be really focused and do what they need to do…You don’t need to be the source of people’s entertainment over the course of the season.”

Stroud certainly is no longer merely learning on the job, as the Texans would be a playoff team if the season ended Tuesday. While Brady said hes “really proud of” Stroud, the future Hall of Famer reminded the rookie to keep his eyes on the prize through and beyond Week 18 of the ongoing campaign.

“The process of winning is fun,” Brady remarked. “The memories you’re going to have from a great season are fun. The games are fun; the practice [and] the camaraderie is fun. Trying to create fun for everybody else outside of that isn’t your responsibility. You’re not [the] camp counselor for everyone’s fun activities. You’re out there trying to perform, trying to dig deep for your teammates, and that requires intense focus for a long period of time.”

Stroud and the Texans will attempt to avoid a so-called “trap game” when they host the 2-8 Arizona Cardinals this coming Sunday.