Jet hold player-only meeting on off day; RB Michael Carter releaed in urprie move

New York Jets players used their off day to hold a meeting with one another and discuss the state of the team.

Following their second consecutive loss, the Jets have sunk below the .500 mark. The offense hasnt scored a touchdown in the past two games, which has contributed to New York maintaining its last-place standing in offensive touchdowns scored (8) in the NFL.

At 4-5 and less than half a season left to correct course, the players congregated to discuss how to create better results. The AFC East isnt one of the stronger divisions and the Miami Dolphins sit narrowly ahead of the pack at 6-3.

Speaking during his weekly interview on ESPN New Yorks “Bart & Hahn Show,” star Jets receiver Garrett Wilson shared how seriously the players are taking the issues on the field.

“The guys talked, and we had the floor,” the wide receiver said. “It was just us. We got to make sure were all on the same page about where were at and how the hell we get out of this funk, man. That was really the message. When it comes from one of your teammates, it always hits different. It always resonates a little bit more.”

New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson (17) shared some details about the teams players-only meeting called this week. (Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

(Steve Marcus via Getty Images)”[Were] truly sorry about the product weve put on the field offensively this season to this point.”

New York appears to be at a crossroads in its season. But the one thing the players dont want to have is regret about not doing everything in their power to fix the issues.

“We dont want to finish the season and look back like we shouldve done this earlier … so lets talk about it now,” Wilson said. “Hopefully, it leads to results, but the reality of us doing that and doing the right thing as far as calling a players-only meeting and talking, it doesnt guarantee anything. We still have to go out and do it, but were taking the right steps and were turning over every stone because it matters to us.”

Jets make surprise cutHours after the players-only meeting, running back Michael Carter was released by the Jets. The move apparently caught players off guard, and they publicly expressed their sadness over Carter, a 2021 fourth-round draft pick, being cut.

The 2021 Jets rushing leader had been relegated to third-down duty this season with the emergence of Breece Hall and acquisition of Dalvin Cook. This was hardly the first time New York passed over Carter, either. The Jets traded for former Jacksonville Jaguars running back James Robinson last season.

Tension was also simmering between the two sides as Carter was caught in an argument with running backs coach Taylor Embree during the Jets loss to the New England Patriots in Week 3.

The final straw appeared to be after Carter received a penalty for a chop-block in the third quarter of New Yorks loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday night. He was benched and had only eight snaps in the game. Carter finished with 15 receptions for 68 yards and 38 rushing yards on eight carries for the Jets this season.

“This one hurts the most I cant even lie,” Jets tackle Mekhi Becton said on X, formerly .This one hurts the most I can’t even lie…

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