“They cot u the game I don’t care what nobody ay They cot u the game” Steeler WR Diontae Johnon on being fined $25,000 Criticizing Official After Lo to Jaguar

The latest NFL player to receive a major fine is the Steelers wide receiver Diontae Johnson. He has been fined $25,000 as he had forwarded his criticism to the officials regarding their last game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Steelers had lost to Jaguars and the concluding score was 20-10. Diontae Johnson wasnt included in Saturdays gameday accountability report of fines from Week 8, but he has been fined $25,000 for his comments on the officiating after the Steelers loss to the Jaguars, per source.

— Brooke Pryor (bepryor) November 5, 2023After Steelers last defeat at Acrisure Stadium, the wide receiver was in the forefront in expressing his criticism and opinions regarding officiating the match throughtout the game.

Part of the postgame comments from Diontae Johnson who was not happy with officiating today pic./PpLBtyqF5D

— Bob Pompeani (KDPomp) October 30, 2023According to cbs news, Johnson shared, “They was calling some stupid stuff,”

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“They should get fined for calling bad, making worse, terrible calls and stuff like that. That’s how pissed I am. They cost us the game. I don’t care what nobody say. They cost us the game.”

“They wanted them to win, bro,”“They was calling, everything was in their favor. They was getting every little call, but it is what it is.”

Touchdown Diontae Johnson! Steelers take the lead with 4:02 to go. Juiceup__3#TENvsPIT on Prime Video

Also available on #NFLPlushttps://t.co/SEBKoOkzMqpic./W8zIEsL1Ym— NFL (NFL) November 3, 2023According to Pro Football Talk, the wide receiver shared, “I didn’t like the refs today. They must’ve got paid good today or something, but they blew — that field goal, that hurt us coming into the half. We needed that.”

The Steelers were 4-3 in the current NFL season when they got defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars. In their last game the Steelers have cliched victory against the Tennesse Titans and the concluding score was 20-16.

#Steelers HC Mike Tomlin immediately after the offsides penalty on Chris Boswells 55-yard FG at the end of the half:

“What the f**k is wrong with yall today? What the f**k is wrong with yall today?”Officiating was atrocious.

pic./dwSKXVmjZW— Josh Carney (ByJoshCarney) October 29, 2023The next match of the Pittsburgh Steelers will be against the Green Bay Packers.