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The upcoming NBA season is set to introduce the Association”s first-ever In-Season Tournament, and Golden State Warriors” players Chris Paul and Draymond Green are determined to emerge as victors. This competitive spirit was revealed by Warriors president Brandon Schneider during a recent broadcast of the Dubs” preseason game against the Sacramento Kings.

Chris Paul told Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy that Golden State WILL win the in-season tournament 👀

A trophy for CP3 👀

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Schneider shared the enthusiasm surrounding the tournament, emphasizing how it will encourage players to elevate their performance and strive to win the championship. He described an interesting conversation he had with Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy, highlighting the commitment of Draymond Green and Chris Paul:

“It”s just going to add that much more where you”re going to see the guys playing another notch harder trying to win that cup,” Schneider explained. “Here”s all I need to know about the cup and hopefully fans agree.”

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“I said to [Warriors general manager] Mike Dunleavy about a month ago, I said, ‘Hey Mike, what do you think about this in-season tournament?” He said, ‘Well, Draymond Green and Chris Paul told me we”re going to win it.” I said, ‘OK, that”s all I needed to know.”

The Warriors” quest for in-season tournament glory kicks off on November 3 with a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Notably, each player on the championship-winning team stands to earn $500,000, while players on the losing championship team will still receive $200,000. Additionally, those on the losing semifinal teams will earn $100,000, and quarterfinal-losing players will each receive $50,000.

Draymond Green shared his thoughts on Chris Paul joining the Warriors, and people saying “how will he fit” —

“‘Well, he wont fit because X,’ But he does fit because he wins, and we win. And thats the most important thing when youre playing this sport.” pic./NYyzMqExJD

— CP3REGION (cp3region) October 11, 2023

Aside from the financial incentive, being part of the first-ever team to claim victory in the in-season tournament holds significant merit. The tournament will consist of a group stage, with the top-performing teams advancing to the eight-team quarterfinals. These latter rounds, including the semifinals, will count as regular-season games. The championship game is the only exception.

The Warriors, who are really excited to get back to competing for championships, see this in-season tournament as a chance to kick off the 2023-24 season with a bang. It”s giving them the motivation they need to take their performance up a notch.