“Thi wa the firt ummer where we’ve een Zion take hi profeion eriouly” – Pelican GM David Griffin hopeful that Zion Williamon’ newfound dedication will propel New Orlean to greater height

Zion Williamson”s well-documented struggles with injuries and staying on the basketball court have been a recurring narrative, but this summer, the 23-year-old New Orleans Pelicans forward took significant steps to address these concerns.

During a media day session in New Orleans, Pelicans” Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, David Griffin, revealed that Williamson made substantial investments in his personal training and conditioning staff during the offseason.

Zion on his goal for the season: “To win with my brothers” #Pelicans pic./EzKtKVA4hl

— New Orleans Pelicans (PelicansNBA) October 2, 2023

“Zion is undoubtedly in great condition,” Griffin informed the press.

“Zion is obviously in good condition,” Griffin told reporters. “The thing I think is important is CJ [McCollum] and Brandon [Ingram], throughout their careers, have always employed people to take care of their body, to take care of their nutrition. They are really invested in their profession. This was the first summer where we”ve seen Zion take his profession seriously like that and invest in it off the court on his own in a way that I think is meaningful.”

David Griffin: “This was the first summer where we’ve seen Zion take his profession seriously like that and invest in it off the court on his own in a way that, I think, is meaningful.”DoingItDodson on the Pelicans summer and where they go from here: https://t.co/G2YlR2v6r6

— Alex Kennedy (AlexKennedyNBA) October 5, 2023

Williamson himself acknowledged the changes he made during the offseason, stating,

“Worked on movements, staying in New Orleans for a good part of the summer working with the Pels and being on the same page with them and my personal trainers,” Williamson stated. “But just really locking into every aspect of my body.”

Zion also shared a personal aspect that motivated him to make these changes, revealing, how he dedicated most of his offseason to training in New Orleans, aligning closely with the team. The impending birth of his daughter in November has changed him for the better even before her arrival.

“She”s not even here yet, and it”s already changed me. Family and people who I know have my back. Focus on that, and outside of that, I don”t really need much else”

“I want to win.”

Zion Williamson on his main goal for this season

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When asked about his offseason focus, Williamson wore a smile and declared, “What I worked on was being unguardable.” The Pelicans are hopeful that this transformation translates into a successful brand of basketball on the court.