“Thi i highway fg robbery” WATCH Jimmy Butler in dibelief at ga price

He is getting paid $50 million a year and fresh off an NBA Finals appearance, but Miami Heat superstar Jimmy Butler is still feeling the pain at the pump.

Butler took to social media while at a gas station, filling up whatever (I’m sure) luxury car that he was filling up, and for 19.904 gallons of gas, he racked up a bill of $145.28.

This is highway fucking robbery,

a flabbergasted Butler said. “Man … I’m trying to give some of this gas back. Wow.”

The Dade County jewel even came up with a hilarious idea of how he could save a buck.

Hey, you think if I go in there and tell ’em that I put the wrong gas in here, they’ll give me a refund?

Butler asked jokingly.

Ha … this is crazy, I’m going electric.

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler is now ready to move on to electric car from his gas-fueled Bugatti after seeing the spiked gas price.

Butler recently stopped by a gas station to fill the tank of his Bugatti and he was surprised by the gas price at the station.

It took him $145 to fill up the tank of his car and he didn’t like it.

Can you believe it costs $145 to fill up a Bugatti?! This is crazy man!

he said in a video.

“This is highway f–king robbery” ⛽️JimmyButler is not having it with the gas prices 😂 pic./7PNuaVcwfk

— Bleacher Report (BleacherReport) September 26, 2023

The Miami Heat was so upset with the fuel price that he went on to call it a plain robbery.

He hilariously also added that he was going to tell the gas station that he had put the wrong gas in his car and wanted his refund.

The gas price in America has increased by over five percent since last year and the price is rising persistently.

Butler is one of those who like to make a profit and the gas price sure didn’t give him a good feeling.

Jimmy Butler is a businessman, and the bubble provided the biggest ammunition for that.

He went on a successful business venture with his coffee in Orlando, and it is safe to say it was a successful one.

He started his Big Face Coffee business in the 2020 playoffs in Orlando during Bubble and sold one cup of Coffee for $20.