“I think he’ the perfect fit for u right now Frankly, I think we needed leaderhip” – Steve Kerr relihing Chri Paul’ veteran preence and abilitie on the Warrior

Golden State Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, is quite optimistic about the addition of Chris Paul to the team, believing that it has the potential to be a perfect match. In a recent statement before a preseason game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Kerr explained why he thinks both Paul and the Warriors will flourish together.

Kerr stated:

“Well, Chris is a really, really smart player — one of the smartest players I’ve ever seen, both as an opponent over the years and now this year during camp. You just see his intelligence. He’s so thoughtful; he’s so particular about every possession. Smart players tend to figure things out quickly, especially when they’re playing with other smart players, so I have no doubt it’s going to be a great fit.”

Steve Kerr on Chris Pauls fit with the Warriors: “I think he’s the perfect fit for us right now. Frankly, I think we needed leadership.”

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— 95.7 The Game (957thegame) October 17, 2023

In another interview with “95.7 The Game,” Kerr emphasized the importance of Paul’s veteran presence and leadership, noting that these were precisely the elements that Golden State had been missing.

“He’s the perfect fit for us right now because frankly, I think we needed leadership,” Kerr said. “I think we needed a guiding force for this group. I think our team was so young last year and obviously never really got it going. I think we put up a pretty good fight in the playoffs, but we never really found our groove.”

Steve Kerr: Warriors “Needed” Chris Pauls Leadership

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— 95.7 The Game (957thegame) October 17, 2023

Former Finals MVP Andre Iguadala also discussed the team’s leadership dynamics, stressing Steph Curry and Draymond Green’s importance.

“Steph is the leader… But Draymond has a load of the leadership that makes that team, and that’s what makes him great,”

“Really fun to have him on our side.”

Steve Kerr continues to be impressed with Chris Pauls understanding of the game pic./BEVZTwrHJF

— Warriors on NBCS (NBCSWarriors) October 8, 2023

Kerr holds high hopes that Chris Paul’s intelligence, especially as he enters his 19th NBA season, will contribute to a strong connection with the Warriors. This is particularly crucial for a team that struggled with chemistry during the 2022-23 season. The Warriors expect an intriguing relationship with Chris Paul, surrounded by potential Hall of Famers Curry, Thompson, and Green.