Expected Lazio support at Celtic Park tonight is disappointingly weak.

It may only be matchday two of the UEFA Champions League group stage but it’s still a pretty major encounter for both Celtic and Lazio.

Our Italian opponents are under severe pressure after a dire start to their domestic season. This growing Celtic team, meanwhile, really need to earn that first win in Europe’s premier club competition.

Brendan Rodgers‘ men will be cheered on by almost everybody inside a raucous Paradise set to host 60,000 people.

Lazio are entitled to around 3,000 tickets for the match, as per Article 38 of the UEFA regulations. However, it seems like they have failed to sell the vast majority of those.

Replying to a supporter, Celtic SLO John Paul Taylor revealed that only around 900 Lazio fans were expected for the match.

Given that they are one of Italy’s major clubs, and play in a 70,000 stadium, you would certainly have expected a few more to make the journey. It’s fair to say that it’s a disappointing following from the Serie A outfit.

However, the positive news is that it will have allowed more Celtic fans access to the match, and that can only boost our chances of getting a big result.

We can probably expect similar when Atletico Madrid venture to Glasgow on matchday three. Spanish fans don’t tend to travel in big numbers. Feyenoord should, however, fill their 3,000 allocation for the final match in December.

We will, of course, be backed by well more than 700 Celtic supporters in Rome.