The top pick is confirmed! 3 The signing was officially announced, Lillard chose the Lakers, and Durant’s business expanded.

First of all, France did not do well in the Basketball World Cup, even failing to advance to the group stage. But as the host of next year’s Olympics, France automatically gets a spot. French first-round pick Vin Banyama has officially confirmed that he will participate in next year’s Olympics. As a player with great potential, Vinpanyama is highly regarded. We look forward to his performance in the new season.

  In addition, three signings have been announced recently. First, the Celtics agreed to a two-way contract with center Nemias Kota. Kota played in the Kings Development League last season and averaged 17.7 points, 8.7 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game. It’s good enough for Kota to sign a two-way contract, but he’ll need to work harder to get his feet wet with the Celtics.

  Next, the Spurs signed Seth Milner to a two-way contract. Milner played in five games for the Spurs during Summer League, averaging 5.2 points and 3.2 rebounds per game. The Spurs signed Milner in hopes that he would break out and improve. Finally, Big Morris signed with the Mavericks. According to the information, Big Morris’ contract is only $200,000 guaranteed, so we’ll see what he does next.

  In addition, Lillard has been very active lately, not only about the trade rumors, but also participated in a podcast show. In the program, Lillard talked about the competition for the title in the park and made it clear that he supports the Lakers. Lillard is a firm believer that every team in the park has the same chance to compete for a title, so why aren’t other teams winning? He believes that teams are all in the same situation and should not be treated differently.

  In addition, Durant, like James, not only excels on the court, but also conducts many businesses off the court. Recently, Durant’s company expanded its program to develop business strategies for athletes and brands. This is undoubtedly a good move; after all, Durant’s influence is unquestionable. But back to the game itself, Durant needs to lead his team to a championship.