The La Liga giants have won 5 games in a row and scored 10 goals! Mr. Billion Yuan scored 3 goals!

Barcelona showed excellent attacking firepower as they thrashed Antwerp 5-0 in the Champions League group stage. Newcomer Felix contributed 3 goals to the win. Barcelona scored 5 goals in two consecutive matches, showing a strong attacking ability. Although the opponents in these two matches were not very strong, Barcelona’s performance raised expectations of their strength. However, the real strength of the team needs to be tested against strong teams. Barcelona is currently on a 5-game winning streak in all competitions, making them the favorites to win the title.

  This game is the first round of the Champions League group stage, in the home loss to Real Madrid was eliminated from the game of Barcelona, this season’s performance makes people have doubts about Harvey’s ability to lead the team. Currently in the league, Barcelona maintains an undefeated record of 4 wins and 1 draw, but is suppressed by the all-winning Real Madrid in the table. After only 3 days of rest, Barcelona will have to usher in the challenge of the Champions League, which is a huge test of the players’ physical fitness. However, Barcelona had the home field advantage and a relatively weak opponent. In the end, they beat their opponents 5-0 and achieved a beautiful and exciting victory.

  In this match, Barcelona continued to use the 433 attacking formation. Rafinha, Lewandowski and Felix formed the front three, while Gündoğan, De Jong and Xavi formed the midfield. Cancelo, Conde, Christensen and Balde played as defenders, with Ter Stegen as the starting goalkeeper. Ferran Torres, Yamal, Roberto and Romeu were on the bench. Araujo and Pedri were absent due to injury.

  Felix showed his excellent form early on, scoring first for Barcelona. He scored for the team in two consecutive games, adapting to the team in such a perfect way that it was amazing. Felix then assisted Levan’s goal with some superb footwork. However, Antwerp didn’t have any good luck and Bataille’s oops added to their woes. By the end of the first half, Barcelona had taken a 3-0 lead and the game was out of reach. In the first half, Barcelona had 63% possession of the ball, 5 shots, 3 shots on goal and 1 goal. Antwerp, on the other hand, had only 1 shot on goal in the first half and failed to break through.

  In the second half, Barcelona didn’t relax, but attacked more and more fiercely. Gavi’s powerful shot pierced through Antwerp’s goal again. Felix also continued to perform well and scored the second goal with a header, completing the second goal. Felix was subbed off after that, missing the chance to complete his hat-trick, which was a bit unfortunate. Although Barcelona’s offense was still fierce after that, they failed to score again. The final result of the match was 5-0, with Barcelona beating Antwerp. The expensively imported Beahan performed well, contributing 3 goals to give Barcelona an advantage.

  Barcelona scored 5 goals in two consecutive games for a total of 10 goals, and the offense is on fire. They are getting better and better. Of course, to really understand Barcelona’s strength, you need to look at their performance against stronger teams. After all, the opponents of these two big wins were not strong and the games were played at home. In any case, with five consecutive wins, Barcelona is still the favorite to win the title in all competitions.