Man Utd fight back to back nights, 11 announce withdrawals, Teng is shelved and Pochettino is voted the winner!

In the new season, Manchester United faces a tough rebuilding challenge. There were leadership and dressing room discord within the team, which brought deeper pressure to the team’s plight. In particular, the controversy between Ten Hag and Sancho over the arrangement of the playing list triggered a series of problems, with the two even lashing out at each other in public. This is not only the case at United, as City’s Pep Guardiola once explicitly banned Phillips, again with the aim of getting a wake-up call for the player.

  Fans are not on the same page about what Ten Hagar and Guardiola did. They were more critical of Ten Hag, saying that he was “blind, arrogant and tactically incompetent”, but supported Guardiola’s banning of Phillips, saying that it was “the spirit of advancement that a big team should have”. Obviously, the Dutch coach is not as respected as the Spanish manager, which is one of the main reasons for the two different attitudes.

  Apart from the controversy between Ten Hag and Sancho, United’s decision to replace Hoylum with Ten Hag in the fifth round of the Premier League was also controversial. Fans booed it, but that reaction was also overdone. In fact, Temhag replaced Hoylén early on to protect him, as he had been injured before and was in danger of relapsing. Ten Hagar’s decision was to preserve the team’s last glimmer of hope.

  Apart from the bickering between players, United are also facing injury problems. According to the statistics, 11 players have already announced their withdrawal and they include Heaton, Wan-Bissaka, Varane, Luke Shaw, Malacia, Amrabat, Mount, Menu, Diallo, Anthony and Sancho. These injuries have caused problems for Ten Hagar’s line-up and have seriously affected the team’s ability to fight. United’s crisis seems to have formed a vicious circle. 

  The outbreak of United’s problems has taken the pressure off Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino, who have become an example that United should follow. In the list about the odds of the Premier League manager’s dismissal, Ten Hagar is in the top four with odds of 10, while Chelsea and Pochettino are less questionable. United’s problems have helped take the pressure off Chelsea, especially as their dressing room unity has become an example United should follow. In the list of dismissal odds, Pochettino is in the 10th place with 18 odds and will not face the pressure of dismissal for a while.

  United face a tough challenge and things are not looking good for Ten Hagar. He faces internal discord, clashes between players and injury problems. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino are in a relatively good position to reduce the pressure and avoid too many questions.