Harden joins four-way deal, as expected, as Rockets shake off troubles, welcome sixth man baby

This four-way trade was favorable for the Rockets, 76ers, Clippers and Jazz, and was able to fit their respective interests and strategic directions.

The Rockets got rid of the team’s prick Harden in the trade for scorer Powell and a first-round pick. This is a huge opportunity for the Rockets as Powell is an excellent scorer with the ability to kill the zone and find shots. His addition would add more firepower to the Rockets and improve the team’s overall strength. And considering that Porter Jr. has lost his starting value, Powell’s addition will fill the void and improve the team’s overall competitiveness.

Harden joined the Los Angeles Clippers as expected. The Clippers have been a strong team competing for the championship, but with Leonard and George injured, they failed to break through further. The addition of Harden will bring more consistent and reliable offensive firepower to the Clippers. He was the assists leader last season and possessed an extremely strong regular season. This will help share the pressure of Capsicum’s offense and improve the team’s overall performance. And Sexton, as a guard with great scoring ability, will create more problems for opponents when paired with Harden, making it a very favorable deal for the Clippers.

76ers in the trade harvest inside the all-star double tower lineup, they sent Harden and two first-round picks to get Markkanen and Covington. Markkanen is an outstanding player who not only won the Most Improved Player award, but was also named an All-Star for the first time. His addition will provide the 76ers with more outside firepower and defensive support. Covington, on the other hand, is a player who can contribute stable three-point ability and excellent wing defense. Through this trade, the 76ers realized the goal of forming an inside all-star twin-tower lineup. Maxi will be the core player of the team, getting more offensive opportunities and responsibilities. Markkanen, on the other hand, serves as the team’s third man, adding brightness to the team with his outstanding performance on the offensive and defensive ends.

The Jazz sent Markkanen and Sexton in the trade for Porter Jr, Marcus Morris, Batum, and three first round picks. While Markkanen is a player with potential, he is not a non-sale with the team’s building direction and goals. And the acquired Porter Jr. is a young and talented player who will have more opportunities to show his strength and potential in the Jazz. At the same time, the Jazz also got three first-round picks, can have more options in the future draft, further strengthening the team’s strength.

On balance, this four-way trade is favorable for all four teams. The Rockets got a new core player Powell and a first-round pick to enhance the team’s strength. Clippers enhance the offensive firepower, for the fight for the championship to provide more possibilities.76ers formed the inside all-star double tower lineup, increased the outside firepower and defensive support. And the Jazz got three first-round picks, further strengthening the team’s strength. Overall, the trade is in line with the interests and strategic direction of the respective teams, bringing them new opportunities and development.